​​Heavy Duty Towing

As the name suggests, heavy duty towing involves using tow trucks which can deal with pretty much any size of vehicle. We have trucks that can recover and tow even buses, motor homes and large lorries, which we can send out for planned or emergency towing. We might also use heavy duty equipment if a small or medium sized vehicle has gone off road and landed somewhere difficult to reach. If you’re stranded or have sustained damage in an accident, even in a larger vehicle, Tulsa Towing Service is here to help.

Tulsa heavy duty towing

Our Heavy Duty Towing Equipment And Team

Whatever has happened to your vehicle, if you need a heavy duty towing service, you want one which can reliably recover your vehicle without causing any further problems, and tow it to wherever you need it taking. Your vehicle is a sensitive and expensive piece of equipment and it should be looked after. It’s important to check both the towing equipment on offer, and the skills and qualifications of the team of mechanics, drivers and technicians available to help you. Our team are all fully qualified for their roles, and our equipment is modern and well maintained. Feel free to ask any questions you might have when you give us a call.

Getting You Back On The Road – Quickly

Most heavy duty vehicles are used for work purposes. If you’re driving a truck and it suffers a breakdown, you need to get back on the road quickly to avoid disappointing your customers, and losing out on income. If you’re driving construction equipment, such as a dump truck or cement mixer, you’re probably needed on site, and an accident can set the entire team back. And of course, if you’re driving a bus, fire truck or ambulance, it’s crucial you can get moving again fast to serve people and keep up your essential work. That’s why we have fast response times and a 24/7 service, to get you back on the road as quick as we can.

Roadside Services

In some cases it might be possible to help a stranded vehicle with roadside assistance. This might be the case if your motor home has a dead battery and needs a boost, or you need a tire switching out due to a flat, We will do what we can to help immediately, and if this is not possible we can of course tow your vehicle to somewhere to get help. We are also happy to recommend local mechanic services if you’re not from the area, and will do all we can to see you get fixed up and moving again as soon as possible.

Our Heavy Duty Towing Service

Interested in learning more about our Heavy Duty Towing service? Need urgent help, or planning on moving your motor home, or other large vehicle a long way and need a tow service? Our reliable team at Tulsa Towing Service is waiting for your call! We just need to know a bit about how we can help – either by phone for an emergency or using our online contact details, available on the contact page of this website, if you would rather get a quote electronically, for a non urgent job. Whatever heavy duty towing you need, we have the right vehicle and a skilled team, to help.