​Boosts, Tire Changes and Lockouts

We have all been there. You come out of work and get into the car, only to discover that the battery is entirely dead. Just what you need after a long hard day. Or even worse – you can’t get into the vehicle at all because you’ve misplaced the key, or it’s stopped functioning. Don’t make a stressful situation worse by trying to fix the problem yourself – call in a professional to help, and we can have you on the road again quickly. Give the team at Tulsa Towing Services a call now, to learn more about our boosts, tire changes and lockout services.

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When Can a Boost Help?

We can boost your battery if it is entirely discharged and won’t start on its own at all. Sometimes it is obvious why your car battery is dead. Common culprits include leaving your car lights or radio on overnight, for example. However, your battery might also lose power simply because it is getting older and needs to be replaced. A mechanic from Tulsa Towing Service can come to your location – whether you’re at home, work or elsewhere, and assess the vehicle to check what the issue is. If a boost might help, we can give your battery a helping hand to get you moving again quickly.

Tire Changes

Even if you already know how to change a tire, there are times when it’s not recommended that you try – and should call in a professional to help instead. You might be on the roadside somewhere in busy traffic for example, making switching out a tire a dangerous option. Or maybe you’re simply not dressed to get down under your vehicle – if you’re on the way to a work meeting for example. Finally, if you’ve suffered a blowout – your tire has exploded while driving – it is advisable to get a professional from Tulsa Towing Service out to check over the car before switching out the tire, in case it sustained any damage.


As embarrassing and frustrating as it is, it’s actually pretty common to get locked out of your car. It could be that you’ve simply lost or locked your key in the vehicle, or your electronic key has malfunctioned and won’t now open the doors properly. Although it’s sometimes possible to get into your car on your own, this can cause long term damage to the vehicle. Much better to call us to help – we have the experience and equipment to sort out a lockout quickly. The only exception to this would be in an emergency – for example if you have a child locked in the car – in which case, call 911 to get help double quick.

Our Boosts, Tire Changes and Lockouts service

Great quality customer service is our priority, no matter what’s gone wrong with your vehicle. That’s why our customers rate Tulsa Towing Service as among the best in the business, if you need low cost roadside assistance, towing and recovery here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If you’re having a problem with your vehicle, including a dead battery, lost keys or a flat, we can get to you quickly, and resolve the issue. We pride ourselves on quick response times, and will be able to advise you when you call of the estimated time to get to your location.