Famous People From Tulsa OK

Famous People: Tulsa Ties

There are many well-known people who have strong and solid ties to Tulsa. These people come from various backgrounds and have a variety of different careers. Who’s who in Tulsa, Oklahoma? Keep reading and you are sure to be impressed. Some of these famous people have only lived in Tulsa. Other noteworthy folks were born and raised in Tulsa. Either way, Tulsa has much to brag about in terms of backgrounds and fostering success from this area. Some are known through the globe. It ought to be noted that everyone who has ties with Tulsa, Oklahoma is indeed successful in their own unique way. Some have experienced much fame and can indeed be viewed as famous. Many are worth noting and acknowledging their fine ties to Tulsa.

Extraordinary Folks and the amazing Reasons for Fame


Famous and noteworthy is an ongoing theme within Tulsa, Oklahoma. Let’s take a look at the Tulsa tops:

* Mr. Garth Brooks; you may be familiar with Mr. Garth Brooks. 1962 was fantastic year in Tulsa when Garth Brooks arrived. Born right in Tulsa and he moved on to pave his own way into the Billboard pop charts. This famous American singer and songwriter was born on February 7, 1962, in Tulsa. He attended Oklahoma University. His music and his charitable contributions have shown the world what Oklahomans are made of. He is a man with a big heart and has a mountain of talent

* Mary Kay Place; this American actress was born in 1947 right in Tulsa. She has a noteworthy acting career and her well-known role was in MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN. She has been a director and a screenwriter too. Her mountain of talent earned a Primetime Emmy. She has a long list of fim appearances within some noteworthy films from the early 80s until late 90s. It must be noted that this Tulsa lady is known for her musical talent too

* Alfre Woodard; this Tulsa lady is known for standing on a high mountain filled with noteworthy accomplishments and a lot of activity. Alfre was born in 1952 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was named one of the most accomplished and versatile actors within her own generation. She is an American actress. She is also a political activist and a producer too. Talented, smart and a list of honors for Alfre from Tulsa

* Bobby Cox; how about some professional sports? Robert J. Cox is a Taurus from Tulsa who broke his way into the big leagues. He was born in May, 1941. He made it into the New York Yankees in 1968. He is a Hall of Famer. He is the first Tulsa-born to make it there. Baseball is the name of his impressive game. He has a broad range of professional accomplishments. This includes the Tulsa Oilers. His mountain must include a baseball bat because he is a man who never gave up on his dreams

Success an Tulsa
Success and Tulsa are quite the combination. These four famous people are a few out of many. A common idea to keep in mind:
* stay focused on your goals and allow success to come your way
Famous people from Tulsa have extraordinary accomplishments worth bragging about.

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