Need Long Distance Towing? We Have That Too!

We know that there are many towing companies out there, and we are proud that the expert team here at Tulsa Towing Service are known for our prompt and friendly service. Whether you’ve suffered an accident on the 401 or a breakdown at home – or you simply need a vehicle removing from your property for scrap or any other reason, we can help. We have a great fleet of tow trucks which can handle everything from your family car to an 18 wheeler, and a team who have years of experience in getting the job done. Give Tulsa Towing Service a call if you need help! 

Emergency Towing Service – Available 24/7

Having an accident or breakdown can be extremely stressful – especially if you’re out and about at night, in unfamiliar territory, or traveling with children. You need to get in touch with a reliable company which can offer roadside assistance and emergency towing quickly, so you’re not waiting on the roadside. That’s where Tulsa Towing Service can help. Our 24/7 towing service means we will always have a tow truck on hand to help you, day or night. Call the number available on the contact page, to be connected immediately with a skilled member of the team. 

local and long distance towing service

Recovery And Towing After An Accident

Having an accident is every driver’s nightmare – and even a minor problem can mean your vehicle is off the road until it can be assessed and repaired. If you have a serious accident, of course, your first priority should be to call 911 and get professional assistance. You’ll also need to exchange information with any other drivers involved, and document the accident with photos or notes, once you have confirmed you and your passengers are all safe and well. Then you may well need a tow truck to remove your vehicle from the roadside and deliver it to your home or a mechanic for repairs and assessment. Give us a call to discuss how we can help. 

Long Distance Towing

There are plenty of reasons you might need long distance towing. Maybe you’ve purchased a particularly unique new vehicle in another state and need to have it delivered to your home. Or maybe you and your family are moving across the country, or elsewhere in the state and need to have your car taken to your new place. Tulsa Towing Service can help, with our great range of tow trucks and a skilled team who will look after your vehicle as though it was their own. 

Our Local and Long Distance Towing Service

Tulsa Towing Service is proud to offer a reliable, and affordable towing service – and a personal touch with all of our customers. Our entire team is skilled and qualified, and passionate about helping out. We know that if you need a tow service, it’s often because you’re already having a rough day, and we will do everything we can to remedy that – and put a smile back on your face. Whether you need a tow truck urgently because of a breakdown, have suffered an accident, or need your beautiful vintage vehicle moving cross state, we will be there for you – at a price we know you’ll love.

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