Scrap Car Purchasing

If your car is no longer fit to drive, due to age or an accident, you might decide to sell it for scrap. Or maybe you’ve just moved into a new property and discovered that there is an old, unwanted and no longer useful vehicle parked on the driveway blocking your space and view. We can help. Cars which are no longer useful for driving may still hold residual value based on their constituent parts – in which case we might be able to take your scrap car off your hands for a fair price, and have it recycled properly in a local facility. Call for more information, today.  

scrap car

Why Scrap My Vehicle?

Tulsa Towing Service can help you to remove and scrap your vehicle, including scrap car purchasing where there is a residual value in the vehicle. There are a number of good reasons to do this – firstly if you have a vehicle sat on your property that will never drive again, it’s just taking up space you could put to better use. Secondly, your car might have some residual value, especially if it is being scrapped after an accident but may still have valuable parts or metals which can be removed. And finally, scrapping a vehicle means that any useful elements are reused, or recycled, which is more environmentally friendly than simply having the vehicle rot away on the driveway.

Scrap Cars And The Environment

Scrapping your car means that useful parts will be refurbished, or recycled and turned into some other serviceable item. However there is more to scrap cars’ impact on the environment than that. Cars contain hazardous fluids and materials which can not be properly disposed of without professional attention. Having your car scrapped means that these fluids and materials are not simply left to enter the ecosystem or drain into the water supply. That keeps you, me, and our environment safe from damage.

What Information We Need For A Scrap Car Purchase Or Removal

Before we can give a quote for scrap car purchasing we will need to know a bit about the vehicle, the condition, and where it is right now. We can then advise you honestly on the value left in the car, and whether or not we can purchase and remove it. You will need to prove your ownership of the vehicle before we can take it away, so it’s helpful if you have the registration papers and your ID to hand when we come to recover and scrap the car for you. Talk to a member of our team by calling the number available here on the website.

Our Scrap Car Purchasing service

The team here at Tulsa Towing Service are always happy to talk through and offer advice on the possible ways to remove scrap cars. If there is a value left in the vehicle we may be able to buy it from you, and have parts salvaged or recycled. In any case, you can rely on us to tell you honestly whether we think the car can be sold, and offer ideas about how best to remove any unwanted vehicle which is blighting your drive or back yard. Just drop us a line using the electronic contact information on the contact page, or call for a conversation with one of the team, today.

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