About Us

Tulsa Towing Service is a leading provider of towing and recovery services here in Tulsa, covering Tulsa and beyond, including Broken Arrow, Prattville, Broken Arrow, and more. We can offer both local and long distance towing, including heavy duty towing, medium and light duty towing services – and are always here for emergency towing services if you suffer a breakdown at home, an accident on the highway, or any other issue here or anywhere else in our area. To get everything you need to talk to a member of our team check out details of how to call or message us, on the contact page.

car repair towing

Let’s get you safe and sound.

Alongside our planned and emergency 24/7 towing service, we can also offer customers boosts, tire changes and help with lockouts, auto storage, scrap car purchasing, and underwater recovery. If you have had a breakdown and need a roadside service to get moving again, we can help.

We will perform minor repairs – such as changing out a flat tire – on the roadside where it is safe and possible to do so, and if this is not feasible, we can provide a tow service to a local mechanic or a location of your choice.


Our team are also available if you have been locked out of your vehicle and need some help to access it. Although it is possible to get back into some cars without professional help, this may result in damage and is not recommended.


Finally, give us a call if you need to store your vehicle, or have a car on your property that has reached the end of its useful life and needs to be scrapped.


If you would like to learn more about the towing and recovery services we offer, you’re in the right place.