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There are plenty of reasons you might need to put your car into auto storage for a while. Some people need to make space on the driveway or in the garage, others are leaving town for a few months and want to know that their vehicle is in a safe place for the duration of their trip. In either case, we can offer auto storage which is secure and reliable, and at a cost you’ll like. Simply get in touch and tell us more about what you need, so we can prepare a free no obligation quote for your needs. Check out details of how to call or message us, on the contact page, to talk to a member of our team

Why Use Auto Storage?

At Tulsa Towing Service we can help with long and short term auto storage for any type of vehicle. There are many reasons customers come to us. Some need a little extra space and want to move a seldom used car out of the garage to make way for a boat, an RV, or simply for the kids’ toys. Other people are in the process of moving home and need to put their precious vehicles somewhere safe while they get their affairs in order. We also provide storage for collectors of classic vehicles or people who are moving away for a while but don’t want to sell the car in the meantime. Whatever reason you’re looking at auto storage, we can help.

What To Consider When Choosing Auto Storage

Tulsa Towing Service can offer advice based on the type of vehicle you wish to store, and how long you’ll need to storage. You’ll want to think about the convenience of storage location, and how well the vehicle will be protected from the elements, Of course, owners also need to know that their cars will be kept completely safe, and in an area with adequate security protection. We have all that and more – give us a call to talk through whatever your auto storage needs might be.

Auto Storage Tips

When we take a car or other vehicle for storage we will talk you through our suggested steps for preparing your car for storage. These might include checking the engine and battery over for health, and adding air to the tires to avoid them going flat in storage. It’s also a good idea to make sure the car is clean inside and out before it is left for an extended period, to avoid damage. We will document the detail of the vehicle including the condition it is in when left, so you can be sure when you collect it that all is as you left it.  

Our Auto Storage service

We are proud that we can offer a safe and well priced auto storage service to keep your vehicle safe while you are unable to have it at home. From the much loved family car to your prized vintage wheels we can look after your auto, in a suitable environment, and with the very best security. Get a quote for your needs by calling us today for a conversation. To see what previous customers say about us, check out the client reviews for our towing and recovery services, which you can find here on our website. 

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